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Guaranteed Timeshare Relief!

Thousands of Timeshares Canceled.

Millions in Timeshare Mortgage Debt Canceled.

There is a Solution.

We Can Help.

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Timeshare Relief Group is a leader in the timeshare exit industry. 

For over 15 years, our founder has helped families forever relieve themselves of their timeshare obligation.

We will terminate your timeshare, or you don’t pay!

The Timeshare Relief Group consists of contract negotiators, disposal experts, and strategic partnerships with several timeshare relief attorneys who specialize in the field.


We go to work for you immediately to eliminate the financial burden of your timeshare.


The process is made to be easy for you, our client. We deliver the best results in the industry. 


Therapy Session

Step 1: Fill out our client intake form

Once the form is complete, our client representative will promptly call you to begin the relief process.


Step 2: Attend a free seminar or phone consult

If there is a seminar being held in your area, you can attend if you choose. We can also complete the entire process by phone.

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Step 3: Account Review

Our relief specialist will review your case along with our attorney partners and determine the best course of action to provide you financial relieve as quickly as possible.

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Step 4: Account Resolution

Timeshare Transfer Service

•    Document Preparation
•    Deed Recording
•    Resort Notification
•    Account Search
•    Property Tax Verification
•    Settlement Statement​

Mortgage Cancellation Service​

•    Client Document Submittal
•    Document Preparation
•    Legal Demand
•    Timeshare Company Acceptance
•    Client Notification


Step 5: Successful Termination

Successful termination and permanent relief from your timeshare obligation - once the job is done, you are timeshare free, and we ask for a testimonial of your positive experience. 

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